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Sound Attenuators

Sound attenuators are a critical component of any commercial HVAC system, designed to reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound energy and reducing its propagation through ductwork. They improve indoor acoustic quality and ensure a comfortable and peaceful environment for building occupants.

Example of RSA

We supply a range of sound attenuators which are used to reduce the noise induced by moving air in ducting. The sound attenuators come in three rang- es: Square Sound Attenuators (Product Designation: SSA), Round Sound Attenuators (Product Designation: RSA), and Large Round Sound Attenua- tors (Product Designation: LRSA).

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Large order of SSA

Our SSA range of sound attenuators can be requested in any size, and a quote for a specific size of sound attenuator can be requested by simply supplying the details of the Sound Attenuator.

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Example of SSA

Our RSA and LRSA range of sound attenuators can be requested in a few sizes, as listed below. Prices for our RSA and LRSA ranges can be found on our website at

Sound att

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