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Residential Aircon Installations

Residential air conditioners allow you to create the perfect balance of temperature, fresh air and humidity in your home. They keep you cool in summer; warm in winter… and so much more.

We only recommend and supply air conditioning systems that are energy efficient, gentle on the environment and competitive in price, while providing superior performance.

We are extremely cognizant of rising electricity costs and prioritize energy efficiency. We offer residential air conditioners that have specific room controls with presence sensors to reduce energy consumption when you are out. Noisy, bulky, unattractive units are a thing of the past. We install home air conditioners that are both stylish and silent.

The following air conditioning systems are ideal for domestic use:

Depending upon the size of the area to be

cooled or heated, you will need a system that delivers

enough BTU/HR’s to successfully control temperatures.

You need to know how many BTU/HR’s are
needed in any given area. Our sales consultants will recommend the appropriate units.



If you would like to understand more, try the



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Residential Aircon Installations in South Africa

We are dedicated to ensuring that our client's needs are met with the highest quality products.  We know and understand the importance of respecting your home and furnishings


Our installers are well-trained in protecting your space and meeting your expectations.  We take pride in our attention to detail and strive to provide our clients with the best journey from start to finish.  Our sales team will help you choose an aesthetically pleasing system that meets your budget. 


Our installation team will endeavour to complete your work on the desired date and within the stipulated programme.  A knowledgeable team member will explain how to use your new air conditioner and how to maintain the system. 


The service department manager will contact you to provide information on the importance of energy-efficient airconditioners and the benefits of regular maintenance for the health and safety of you and your family.    

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With years of experience and knowledge, our service managers, Tanya and Cameron will be happy to assist you with further information and direction on the maintenance of your airconditioning systems.

Ask about the benefits of our 

VIP service plan

Residential Air conditioning & MAINTENANCE

We have a dedicated service team that specialises in Airconditioning Maintenance Cape Town, in the maintenance and upkeep of all units. We recommend that you initiate an annual service on your units to maintain their efficiency and effectiveness whilst also saving energy costs.
We will extend your warranty on new equipment installed by ourselves for further
12 months should you opt in for our annual maintenance program.
Please contact our sales manager, Tanya,  for more information about our service plan options.
Herewith some of the benefits of a Cape Airconditioning Service Plan:
  • Extended 12-month warranty
  • Effective Airconditioning units
  • Efficient and energy-saving units
  • Increase in life expectancy of units
  • Increased hygienic capabilities using technology-enhanced consumables and filters.
We will also undertake and arrange the Bluchem anti-corrosion treatment of the
coils to avoid severe stress over some time causing deterioration and inefficient functioning. This treatment is more cost-effective when done before installation as opposed to applying it after the coils have deteriorated beyond appropriate quality standards.
086 111 4567
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health & Safety

in your home

Training is integral to our company to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of

service and assistance when making the most informative decisions regarding 

your HVAC investment.    Skills development and education are very important to us. 

We ensure that our staff are constantly updated on the latest technology, systems, procedures

and information via courses and inhouse training.

At Cape Airconditioning, we consider the health and safety of our team, clients, and communities

as our utmost priority. We are committed to fostering a safe and healthy working environment,

and we stringently adhere to all relevant safety regulations in our operations.

Our staff undergo regular, comprehensive health & safety courses to ensure they are well-versed

in best practices and emergency procedures. This includes training in the safe handling of

equipment and materials, risk identification and mitigation, and appropriate responses

to potential emergency situations.

We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with health and safety standards, and continuously update our training programs in line with the latest industry developments and regulatory changes.

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with our Sales Team 

Simply call us on 021 9814929 / 081 111 4567

or email us at


Our operating hours are 8am to 4:30pm SA time.

Kindly allow us a day to get back to you.



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