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Midwall Units

It's not just Airconditioning - it's a lifestyle

Midwall airconditioning units are versatile and efficient cooling solutions that cater to a wide range of environments.  

Easily mounted on any interior wall,  these systems offer both flexibility and simplicity in their installation process. 


Designed for optimal airflow and temperature control, midwall units deliver consistent cooling and heating performance while maintaining energy efficiency.  

The sleek and modern design of these air conditioners seamlessly integrates into various interior styles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of living or working spaces. 


Midwall airconditioners provide an ideal combination of functionality, performance and visual appeal for those seeking a reliable and stylish cooling solution.      

midwall units

We value the little things that
create a happy space!  

midwall units
midwall units


  • MidWall Split Inverter Air Conditioner

  • Ask our consultants to assist you in selecting the right size unit.

  • Stylish designs to compliment any interior décor

  • Heat pumps are all-in-one heating & cooling solutions for residential & commercial applications.

  • Extract thermal energy from the ambient air and are therefore more energy efficient and emit far less CO2. 

  • Outdoor units may be treated with Bluchem Anti-Corrosion coating which includes an extended warranty   

  • Your unit can run so quietly, you will almost forget it is there. Operation down to 19 dBA.

  • Seasonal efficiency values upto A++ in cooling and heating that saves you on energy costs.

  • Top quality filtration system to stop various bacteria and viruses.  Compliment your health by adding Blulyte daily treatment spray to your filter material.    

  • WiFi Ready works with an app, via your local network or internet.

  • NEW R-32 refrigerant reduces environmental impact by 68% compared to R410a, which leads to high energy efficiency.

  • Outdoor units may be easily and neatly installed on your roof, terrace area mounted on an outside wall.

  • 12 Month Standard Warranty.

  • Extended Warranty on all parts including the compressor may be added. T&C’s apply.

  • Refer to our Service department for cost effective maintenance contracts


At Cape Airconditioning we enjoy aligning ourselves with signature brands like Daikin, Midea, Samsung and LG. 

It is important to us to collaborate with companies that provide provide top quality products at  

competitive prices and reliable aftersales service. We offer a wide selection of airconditioners from leading brands,

and our experienced team is always available to answer any questions you may have.
We also provide exclusive after sales services and parts, so that you can rest assured that your airconditioning unit

is running at optimal levels. With our passion for quality service, you can trust Cape Airconditioning to take

care of all your airconditioning needs.

Contact us today!

086 111 4567

Grow Your Vision

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Daikin is one of the most well known airconditioning brands in South Africa specializing in high quality products and total climate solutions to create a comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all our clients.   Daikin use signature technology to shape the future of heating, cooling and ventilation systems.  Customers can depend on Daikin for ultimate comfort.       

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Grow Your Vision

Midea South Africa, backed by a globally renowned Fortune 500 listed company, offers you innovative and energy efficient technology through a comprehensive range of world class air treatment products for home, commercial and industrial use. 

Midea South Africa's commitment to meeting your needs is reflected in a number of achievement and awards including Forbes Top 5 Global Brand.     

midwall units
Midea logo-BRAND LOGO

Grow Your Vision

Fourways Aircon is the largest airconditioning distributor for Samsung units in South Africa with 8 offices and warehouses providing quality aftersales support with easy access to parts and technical backup.  Samsung units,  with their uniquely quiet design,  deliver outstanding and reliable performance providing you with the ultimate experience and comfort at home or work.        

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midwall units

Grow Your Vision

midwall units
lg logo

LG is a world leader and a global bestselling brand of air-conditioners offering reliable aftersales service and technical support.  LG has produced a comprehensive range of units with stylish and functional design, smart energy efficiency and advanced technology.  

Their range of airconditioners cover the domestic and commercial sectors from small apartments to multi-story buildings.    



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