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Currently, we are a Level 2 contributor and always strive to support BEE companies and small Black Owned companies.

We are passionate about uplifting and educating our staff.

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At Cape Airconditioning, we consider the health and safety of our team, clients, and communities as our utmost priority. We are committed to fostering a safe and healthy working environment, and we stringently adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations in our operations.

Our staff undergo regular, comprehensive health and safety training to ensure they are well-versed in best practices and emergency procedures. This includes training in the safe handling of equipment and materials, risk iden
tification and mitigation, and appropriate responses to potential emergency situations.


We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with health and safety standards, and continuously update our training programs in line with the latest industry developments and regulatory changes.

Our commitment to health and safety is not just about compliance; it is an integral part of our corporate responsibility and our dedication to protecting the  well-being of all stakeholders. In line with this commitment, we encourage an open dialogue on health and safety issues and welcome suggestions  from our team and clients to improve our practices. Together, we can maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone associated with our company. 

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Training is integral to our company. Skills development and upliftment are very important to us.

Being a Merseta Accredited Training Facility within our industry, we ensure that our staff is constantly updated on the latest technology, systems, procedures, and information.


We also have several apprenticeship programmes in place to help them achieve the relevant trade qualifications.

The safety of our staff is taken extremely seriously. We therefore comply rigorously to all health and safety regulations as per the OSHACT and Construction Regulations, and train our staff accordingly.


We run regular on-site courses in Health and Safety procedures and have a safety
officer appointed to each of our teams. Our staff attend annual First Aid Level 1 courses to keep their personal certifications up to date.

We have a dedicated Health and Safety representative in our human resources department.

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with our Health & Safety Officer   

Simply call us on 021 9814929 / 081 111 4567

or email us at


Our operating hours are 8am to 4:30pm SA time.

Kindly allow us a day to get back to you.



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