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Vertical discharge cowls are a vital part of any building's exhaust ventilation system, designed to safely and effectively discharge exhaust air and fumes to the atmosphere above the roofline. They provide a weather-proof opening for exhaust ducts and ensure that contaminants are dispersed away from the building and not recirculated.

Product Designations SVC-CY

We supply a range of Vertical Discharge Cowls for the vertical discharge of exhaust air (e.g. Kitchen extract systems). These discharge cowls allow for a low pressure outlet through which exhausted air can be discharged, while being protected from rain by internal mechanisms.


Product Designations SVC-CO

Our Verticowl range is constructed using galvanized steel, and is available in two ranges: Static Vertical Discharge Cowls (SVC), and Dynamic Vertical Discharge Cowls (DVC).


Product Designations DVC

The DVC range has two standard sizes, designed to be fitted onto 400x400mm and 600x600mm exhaust ducts respectively.

The DVC product range is designed to be fitted onto three standard sizes of exhaust ducting: ø200, ø250, and ø300.


Verticowl Sketches

For a cross-sectional view of the Verticowl Range refer to the sketches below, or request information from us.

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