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Supply Grilles

supply grilles are an essential part of any HVAC system that distributes conditioned air to a building's interior spaces. They are designed to direct and regulate the flow of air into a room, ensuring efficient and effective air circulation for maximum occupant comfort.

Supply Grilles

We manufacture a four-way blow Supply Grille (Product Designation SAG) with a durable and easy-to-use hinged access mechanism. The hinged access mechanism makes for easy opening of the Grille face, allowing cleaning of the inside of the grille without having to remove ceiling tiles.


Manufactured Example

The Supply Grille is manufactured with a built-in quadrant damper or iris damper upon request. The damper is also accessible when using the hinged access mechanism - this allows for easy balancing of Supply Air.

grille (1)_edited

SAG Product Range

The Supply Grille is manufactured using brushed Stainless Steel which provides both a durable and low-maintenance product.

The SAG product range comes in a variety of standard sizes as outlined in the table below.

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