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How to Winter-proof and Prepare Your AC for Winter

With the seemingly quick transition from summer to winter in Cape Town, it’s important to prepare your air conditioning unit before the first cold wave. By winter proofing your AC, you can protect it from harsh weather, ice, and rust damage so that it’s ready to go for next summer.

Our HVAC technicians can help you maintain your air conditioning unit and prepare it for the winter season. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

5 Simple Tips for Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

Leaving your AC unit exposed to seasonal conditions can damage your unit and cost you money for repairs. A few simple steps will save you time, money, and sweat when summer returns.

1. Turn It Off

Locate the AC electric disconnect switch near your unit and flip the switch to “off.” If there isn’t one, then switch the breaker at the main panel to “off.” By ensuring your AC has no available power, it won’t be able to turn on during surprisingly warm winter days.

2. Clean Your AC Unit

Wash and wipe away dirt, bugs, or bird droppings from your AC unit. Also, clear away any dead grass, branches, and leaves that have accumulated in the area.

3. Change the Filters

With a dirty and clogged filter, you run the risk of circulating dirt and allergens throughout your home. By changing your filter in the indoor unit before the winter, you’ll be better prepared for improved air quality and efficiency when the winter hits.

4. Check the Insulation on the Pipes

Check that the foam pipe cover is in good repair and doesn’t expose the copper tubing anywhere. Secure the foam in place where you see any such exposure using duct tape or zip ties to help protect your AC pipes from cold winter temperatures.

5. Cover Your Unit

Covering your AC unit helps protect it from ice, snow, and cold winds. A waterproof vinyl cover works best and can be secured with bungee cords or vinyl ropes.

Winter AC unit

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is necessary not only to help prevent problems but also to keep the system operating optimally. Our team will help you save money in the short term as you see lower utility bills and in the long term with a well-cared-for air conditioner that lasts for years and years.

Our technicians will complete a 22-point air conditioner checklist, which includes:

  • Air filter cleaning and replacement

  • Coolant level monitoring

  • Drain cleaning, flushing, and vacuuming

  • AC coil and fin cleaning

  • Complete system inspection

To save you time and hassle, winterize your air conditioner and ensure that your unit is properly cared for by contacting one of our ClimateCare locations today.

Sign up for a We Care Maintenance or Protection Plan to receive annual precision tune-ups, priority service calls, and a discount on regular labour rates if repairs are required.

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